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From Compassion Fatigue to Compassionate Presence

January 25, 2022

 ASCH Zoom Webinar Sunday, 20 February 2022, at 2.00 p.m. (Sydney, Australia)

Presenter Toni Knight - Psychotherapist, author, presenter who 
Specialist in anxiety, burnout and trauma 

Toni will begin by defining compassion fatigue (CF), how it develops, and how it relates to burnout and secondary trauma. She will also talk about how to detect CF in terms of signs, symptoms, and tests.

She will continue with prevention and treatment:

  •     Energy management – the essential practices
  •     The power principle –  empowering yourself and each  other.
  •     Empathy – the great and the less great
  •     Complementing the empathy resource in session
  •     Other important features of a healthy client session

Finally, she will touch on preparing a client session, post-session refill, and working on the inner world that you bring to your work.

About Toni Knight

Toni Knight is a psychotherapist, author and presenter who specializes in anxiety, burnout (and CF), and trauma. She has a four-year degree in psychology, a lively private practice in Newcastle, NSW, and 20 years of experience helping people to live values-centered lives. She regularly consults with private practices of professional caregivers and collaborates with OT Australia on resilience programs for staff and business owners.

She believes that professional care-giving is of utmost importance to our community and our nation. It is, therefore, imperative that we value the health and well-being of the people that perform this vital work.

Her website is:

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