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How To ‘Shine Online’ from Behind the Safety of Your Computer

April 21, 2022

How To ‘Shine Online’ from Behind the Safety of Your Computer

Sunday, 22 May 2022, at 2.00 p.m. (Sydney, Australia)

Presenter: Peter Butler

The Internet is a continual ever changing arena, Your web presence in today's digital world is vital and necessary to your ongoing success and how you build your practice. 

Peter walks us through what is best to get your website and social media presence working for you, as well as insights into Google, Instagram and others to just name a few. Peter is a digital marketing website expert with many years in the field, and is well respected for the work that he does. 

Peter is driven by results and utilizing what works. In this webinar Peter will shine a light on the best path forward for hypnotherapists in driving not only more clients to your practice, but how to create that niche, targeting the right clients that were all looking for. 

The digital market is the future and a valuable tool that we all need in getting noticed, getting clients and building a flourishing practice .

Peter keeps it straight forward, with simple and easy to understand processes and  will not be talking technical jargon but will focus on attention and simplicity, by cutting through the noise of what to do in the digital realm and the best pathway forward for you. 

This webinar is a must for all those wanting to be successful in not only understanding this invaluable tool the WWW, but steps to mastering the digital age. 

Peter and his team have a vast array of technical knowledge know-how and practical steps to troubleshoot any problems you may have where it comes to the WWW, webpages and digital marketing.  A must do webinar. 

More information can be found at his website:


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